Facial Massage Treatments

"Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax."

Our facial massage treatments are a combination of targeted facial massage and organic products that benefit your skin and your body, soul, and mind.

So often, this vital part of our body gets ignored. The face can hold so much tension, and in many cases, more than other areas of your body. Your senses will be delighted, your skin will be nourished, and you will re-emerge into the world rested and glowing.

Benefits of our facial massage treatments include:

  • A deep cleanse
  • Brighter skin
  • Hydrated skin
  • Increased circulation of blood
  • Relaxation
  • Removal of dead skin off face
  • Youthful looking skin

Please note: If you have severe acne, extremely thin skin, are taking any medications that cause skin sensitivities, infection, open lesions, recent surgery or chemical peels, skin allergies, or any other skin condition that requires a medical diagnoses or specialized treatment, our Facial Massage Treatments are are not appropriate for you.

Timeless Facial Massage Treatment

Restore, renew, and turn back time. Reduce visible signs of aging and enjoy a full body massage. Targeted facial massage and Farmhouse Fresh organic skin care products provide firming action and leave your skin supple and smooth. You will leave looking and feeling 10 years younger!

  • 45 minutes $80
  • 60 minutes $100

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Glow Facial Massage Treatment

Deeply cleanse and hydrate skin while relieving layers of tension with this customized facial massage session. Your senses will be delighted and your skin nurtured with the potent, organic ingredients of Farmhouse Fresh skin care products. Escape into a deep state of relaxation and return to the world rested and glowing.

  • 45 minutes $80
  • 60 minutes $100

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Seasonal Facial Massage Treatments

Vanilla Bean & Fig Facial Massage Treatment

BEST ENJOYED: Merrily, merrily radiating

THE MOOD: With tidings of comfort

EXPERIENCE: Oh how divine, this comforting facial is here just in holi-daze time. Here’s to your complexion receiving the warm toasting it deserves. A pre-cleanse, with vitamin E-infused towels, opens pores before a soothing Green Tea Milk Wash adds a dose of calm to inflammations. An aronia fruit extract & rose water tonic follows before a gentle shea butter & cane sugar exfoliation. Sugar crystals in this blend whisk away rough skin, while vitamin E-rich shea butter aids in retaining moisture and improving skin’s elasticity. A renewing chocolate and fig vitamin serum is cocooned around hands and feet for replenishment as you’re pampered. We paint this vitamin-rich, creamy serum onto face as well — chock full of antioxidants, it nourishes skin and gives a glowy appearance. Finish with a comforting three milk moisturizer and under-eye serum to erase the look of fine lines. Oh joy!

  • 45 minutes $80
  • 60 minutes $100

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