The Mindful Touch Team

Our goal is to perfect our guests’ experience through highly skilled and talented practitioners who are professional, compassionate, and customer focused. Mindful Touch’s talented massage therapists carefully listen to you before your session to assess your needs, and strive to be mindfully present and listen to your body during your session. They will craft the perfect session for you, leaving you refreshed, renewed, and able to live a life with less pain and more bliss. Mindful Touch Massage & Wellness is proud of it's reputation as the leading provider of professional massage, wellness, and healing services in Morganton, NC and the surrounding area.

Nikki Terry, LMBT

Leslie "Nikki" Terry, LMBT

Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist

NC License #14826

Nikki Terry is a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, NC License #14826, and founder of Mindful Touch Massage & Spa. She received her initial massage therapy education and certification in Neuromuscular Therapy & Structural Bodywork from Western North Carolina School of Massage in Asheville, NC. She has training and experience in Swedish massage, Therapeutic Relaxation, Healing Touch Energy Therapies, Postural Assessment, Clinical Aromatherapy, Stretching, Neuromuscular Therapy, Spa Treatments and much more!

Nikki specializes in Therapeutic Relaxation, Therapeutic Spa and Pain Relief Treatments, & Gentle Neuromuscular Therapy. She loves cultivating a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating journey for her clients. She aims to help individuals reconnect to their bodies and live a life with less pain and more bliss. Through her own personal experience, and her extensive training about how the human body works, she has come to know that self-care is the answer to stress and most painful conditions. She uses a combination of her skills and training, to help client’s find relief from pain, decrease and manage stress, and nurture their body, mind, and soul. Her extensive experience helping clients with painful conditions has proven that massage therapy does not have to hurt to be effective, and regular massage is a way to happier, healthier life.

Nikki is a highly compassionate and caring therapist who believes in the healing power of touch, and that massage therapy is an important part of a wellness routine. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, yoga, reading, getting massages, and spending time with her family.

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Katherine "Nicole" Shull, LMBT

Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist

NC License #16257

My massage therapy journey began as a young girl. My father worked in a local factory, and due to standing on concrete flooring all day, he suffered with pain in his calves, ankles, and feet. Often, I would massage his legs and feet, and he would often tell me that I would be a massage therapist when I grew up. At that time, I didn’t think much of it, but now I realize he saw in me that I have a certain intuition about the human body, and an empathetic and soothing quality of touch. My mother was a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nurse at a local hospital. At one point in my youth, I aspired to become a nurse like her. Becoming a nurse would not be my path, but I did inherit her gentle touch and healing nature.

In 2017, I graduated from the Massage Therapy program at Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute. I earned my massage therapy license the same year. Soon, I would discover that my favorite massage modalities are Swedish massage blended with some acupressure, sports massage, and prenatal massage. I love helping my clients relax into their bodies and restore range of motion. I find prenatal massage the most rewarding. To bring peace and comfort to a woman who is sacrificing her body and mind to create another beautiful life is exhilarating! When I am working with a client, my goal is always to assist the client in achieving a greater state of well being.

I am a native to Morganton, North Carolina and proud to call it home. I graduated from Freedom High school in 2013. My personal hobbies include hiking, kayaking, being a beach bum, and taking care of our family farm.

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Sarah Downs, LMBT

Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist

NC License #21256

Sarah Downs is a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist in North Carolina who strives to create a safe and relaxing environment for each of her clients. She has additional training in lymphatic massage, lymphatic cupping, Fibromyalgia, triggers and treatments for headaches, and oncology massage. She specializes in Swedish, Therapeutic, and Lymphatic massage.

Throughout her life she has watched family members struggle with PTSD, stress, cancer and chronic illnesses like endometriosis, osteoporosis, and arthritis. She decided to go to school to figure out how to help ease the pain and discomfort that her family experiences. After leaving Maine where she had lived for twenty years, she moved to Tennessee and graduated from Reflections of Health School of Massage. Working as a certified nursing assistant for six years taught her empathy, patience, kindness, how to care for people, and how to be a good listener. As a client, you are her first priority so whatever your bodywork needs are, she is eager to help and will make sure you are taken care of.

In her free time she enjoys reading, learning, hiking with her dog, and spending time with friends, family and animals.

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Misty Jensen, LMBT

Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist

NC License #17254

Misty Jensen is a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, NC license #17254. Misty is originally from Ohio, and relocated to North Carolina with her family in 2017. She graduated from the Northcoast Medical Training Academy in Kent, Ohio in 2015. Misty specializes in a variety of massage modalities such as Integrated Therapeutic Relaxation Massage, Gentle Healing Swedish Massage and Spa Treatments. She has earned a certificate of achievement in sport/medical massage- with a specialty in piriformis and sciatic treatment. She is also trained in Intra-Oral Neuromuscular Therapy techniques for TMJ, Therapeutic Tissue Recovery Massage, Lymphatic, Sinus Drainage and Pregnancy Massage.

Misty has extensive experience working with cancer patients and survivors and naturally gravitates towards the healing, nurturing aspects of massage therapy. She believes that massage therapy can bring important benefits to the healing process. She has volunteered for corporate events, provided education in her field at community health based functions, and thrives on continued education opportunities. Misty’s goal as a massage therapist is to assist and invite clients to actively participate in their own journey to healing and good health.

When Misty is not at work she enjoys sewing, canning, homesteading, gardening, beekeeping and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors with her husband and children.

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By far the best massage I have ever had!! So clean and relaxing when you walk in and the service was top notch!

Claudia Morgan
July 27, 2023

This had to be the best massage that I have ever had. Loved the environment & the nice "extra" touches! I have already booked my next appointment. Nicole was great

Vicki Goss
Aug. 3, 2023

I booked a wrap with Nikki. This was a new service being offered and it was wonderful! Nikki was very mindful of my comfort level, making sure to ask periodically how I was feeling and making adjustments as necessary. COVID precautions were taken very seriously and I felt very comfortable. It was a well-needed pampering experience and I booked my next appointment right then and there! Highly recommend Mindful Touch! Thanks, Nikki!

Maryann Koziel
Feb. 3, 2021