Foot Soaks & Treatments

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"Self-care is the active process of making your body and mind a pleasant place to inhabit, by filling your own cup first. This ensures you have plenty to give to others."

Soothe Your "Sole" in our Sanctuary and Emerge Restored and Revived

Mindful Touch offers luxurious, organic, foot soaks and treatments in our beautiful “sole” sanctuary. Tired feet, and stressed body-minds are rested and revitalized with targeted foot massage and a combination of thoughtfully crafted foot soaks that are comprised of nourishing milks, clays, salts, minerals and therapeutic grade essential oils. All of our foot soaks and treatments are 45 minute peaceful escapes that include neck and shoulder herbal hot packs. Leave the stress of your busy life behind for much needed self-care or come with a friend or loved one to unwind and spend quality time together.

Foot Soaks

Sore and tired feet are in for a sumptuous bathing soak! Choose from our selection of Farmhouse Fresh Mineral Bath Soaks. These custom blends include ingredients such as Atlantic Ceara, Pink Himalayan and Epsom salts, scented with natural rosemary and mint oils, lavender and habiscus, and mixed with a rich array of organic teas and flowers like organic green tea, marigold blossoms, rosebuds and more. On your way out, be sure to purchase some to continue your relaxation at home. These Mineral Bath Soaks make for a lovely addition to your bath!

45 minutes $35

Massage add on (provided during foot soak service) $35

Choose any of the following enhancements $15

  • Enrich Mint Foot Rescue Mask -Rough feet look and feel instantly pedicured with this velvety spearmint balm. Every nook and cranny of your tired feet will be soft and supple.
  • Honey Heel Glaze - Farmhouse Fresh Texas wildflower honey based serum seals in moisture and brings rich color back to feet. An instant pedicure!
  • Organic Shea Butter Scrub
  • Hot Stones

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Decadent Foot Treatments

Honey Lavender Milk Hand & Foot Renewal

BEST ENJOYED: Phone: OFF. Total relaxation: ON

THE MOOD: Do not disturb

EXPERIENCE : Slip away for a hand and foot renewal that begins with your feet and legs dipping into a dreamy buttery whole milk and chicory root soak. Hands are wrapped in steeping towels infused with the same soothing milk blend. Next, a warm, butter sweet cream exfoliater smooths and softens legs and feet. You’re then treated to a wildflower honey based serum that seals in moisture and brings rich color back to tired feet. A grand finale massage for both hands and legs includes a buttermilk-lavender kneading that caresses your skin with creamy organic coconut milk. If only this could be a new daily ritual!


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Tableside Guac Foot Treatment

BEST ENJOYED: Year round, for extra nourishment

THE MOOD: Tableside gourmet, spa style!

EXPERIENCE: After a deeply hydrating and luscious soak that delights your senses with notes of barley, sandalwood, and amurense bark, a whipped shea-sugar exfoliation with all natural citrus notes is massaged into dry skin to remove any dull, lackluster appearance while nourishing with shea butter. Next, you’re feet are painted with a creamy avocado butter, oil and extract mask to lock in moisture and deeply nourish skin. Your feet will experience antioxidant bliss, and much need nourishment. No calories added! Top it all off with a luscious foot massage that will leave you feeling relaxed and light on your feet.


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Seasonal Foot Experiences

Chocolate Fig Fondant Foot Treatment

BEST ENJOYED: Before dessert

THE MOOD: Glowing for the season

EXPERIENCE: Here to satisfy the sweet tooth in all of us. We begin with a creamy, coconut oil soak to soften and add a splash of calm. Next, hands and feet are dazzled with a sultry sea salt buffing — notes reminiscent of golden warmed honey fill the air while soles dance! A chocolate and fig vitamin recovery serum is then painted on skin. You’re wrapped with warm towels to utilize all the firming nutrients and vitamins A, E, and K that this blend has to offer, along with that delicious natural chocolate aroma! End with a whipped body mousse massage — with every swoop, hands and soles are drenched with peptide-enriched emollient oils to leave you glowing and on your merry way.


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Cinnamon Cream Foot Treatment

BEST ENJOYED: Drop by drop

THE MOOD: Warm and toasty all over!

EXPERIENCE: A buttery brulee whole milk soak envelopes you, hydrating parched winter skin. Next, a creamy sweet sea salt scrub smoothes rough skin. A spicy, warm cinnamon massage with antioxidant-rich olive fruit and grapeseed oils makes this extravagant treatment absolutely delicious down to the last drop.


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