Seasonal Delights

Look to the seasons when choosing your cures. - Hippocrates

Awaken the garden of your senses and align yourself with the change in the air. Our seasonal sessions are crafted to infuse your senses with the scents and potent botanicals that the seasonal flora offers. Our seasonal treatments make wonderful gifts!

Cinnasweet Milk Massage

BEST ENJOYED: When the weather outside is frightful

THE MOOD: Milk does a body good

EXPERIENCE: Soak in a steaming hot towel wrap infused with butter brulee whole milk, chicory root and sweet almond oil. Next, enjoy a limbering full body massage using Red Hot Sparkling Oil, an antioxidant rich sweet-cinnamon scented olive fruit and grapeseed oil. When finished, you’ll step out and melt the snow.

  • 60 minutes $115
  • 90 minutes $155


Winter Warm Up Massage

BEST ENJOYED: When it’s frosty outside

THE MOOD: Brrrrrrriliantly warming

EXPERIENCE: After a full body lymphatic dry brushing, Butter Brulee whole milk-soaked hot towels envelop your body in a cocoon of warmth, hydrating your parched winter skin. After this toasty beginning, enjoy a long, spicy and warm cinnamon hot stone massage with antioxidant-rich olive fruit and grapeseed oils that will bring a glistening glow to your holidays.

90 minutes $170


BEST ENJOYED: Extra marshmallows, please

THE MOOD: Decadent & divine

EXPERIENCE: You are cordially invited to the most decadent winter wrap of the season! Notes of golden warmed honey fills the air while a sea salt exfoliant clears away the tough stuff before you’re painted with a firming chocolate and fig serum to help prevent the look of wrinkles, while also giving skin a toasty drink of vitamins A, E, and K. This kneading is a blend filled with peptide-enriched emollient oils to give skin a fabulous glow!

90 minutes $210 (Price includes gratuity)

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Vanilla Bean & Fig Facial Massage Treatment

BEST ENJOYED: Merrily, merrily radiating

THE MOOD: With tidings of comfort

EXPERIENCE: Oh how divine, this comforting facial is here just in holi-daze time. Here’s to your complexion receiving the warm toasting it deserves. A pre-cleanse, with vitamin E-infused towels, opens pores before a soothing Green Tea Milk Wash adds a dose of calm to inflammations. An aronia fruit extract & rose water tonic follows before a gentle shea butter & cane sugar exfoliation. Sugar crystals in this blend whisk away rough skin, while vitamin E-rich shea butter aids in retaining moisture and improving skin’s elasticity. A renewing chocolate and fig vitamin serum is cocooned around hands and feet for replenishment as you’re pampered. We paint this vitamin-rich, creamy serum onto face as well — chock full of antioxidants, it nourishes skin and gives a glowy appearance. Finish with a comforting three milk moisturizer and under-eye serum to erase the look of fine lines. Oh joy!

  • 45 minutes $80
  • 60 minutes $100

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Chocolate Fig Fondant Foot Treatment

BEST ENJOYED: Before dessert

THE MOOD: Glowing for the season

EXPERIENCE: Here to satisfy the sweet tooth in all of us. We begin with a creamy, coconut oil soak to soften and add a splash of calm. Next, hands and feet are dazzled with a sultry sea salt buffing — notes reminiscent of golden warmed honey fill the air while soles dance! A chocolate and fig vitamin recovery serum is then painted on skin. You’re wrapped with warm towels to utilize all the firming nutrients and vitamins A, E, and K that this blend has to offer, along with that delicious natural chocolate aroma! End with a whipped body mousse massage — with every swoop, hands and soles are drenched with peptide-enriched emollient oils to leave you glowing and on your merry way.


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Cinnamon Cream Foot Treatment

BEST ENJOYED: Drop by drop

THE MOOD: Warm and toasty all over!

EXPERIENCE: A buttery brulee whole milk soak envelopes you, hydrating parched winter skin. Next, a creamy sweet sea salt scrub smoothes rough skin. A spicy, warm cinnamon massage with antioxidant-rich olive fruit and grapeseed oils makes this extravagant treatment absolutely delicious down to the last drop.


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