Seasonal Delights

Look to the seasons when choosing your cures. - Hippocrates

Awaken the garden of your senses and align yourself with the change in the air. Our seasonal sessions are crafted to infuse your senses with the scents and potent botanicals that the seasonal flora offers. Our seasonal treatments make wonderful gifts!

Clementine Dream Massage

Shake off the winter blues and relieve tension with this seasonal massage. Hot steaming towels infused with creamy, butter smooth nectar whole milk envelope your body while you transition into a deep relaxation. Next, enjoy a limbering full body massage using Clementine Body Oil, an antioxidant rich olive fruit and grapeseed oil that locks in moisture. The scent of refreshing ripe clementine oranges with a hint of cream leave you feeling refreshed and uplifted.

  • 60 minutes $115
  • 90 minutes $155


Spring Rejuvenation Massage

It’s time to bloom! A deep inhalation infused with citrus ushers you into your spring transformation. After that, buff away winter skin with a full body lymphatic brushing, and feel the vitamin E deeply hydrate with a Citrus Cilantro hot towel wrap. A scalp treatment and therapeutic massage ease tension and soothe achy muscles. End with a feathery soft body mousse, blended with age defending peptides that love to plump and add pep back into your bouncy skin’s step!

Suggested enhancement: Bronze Fox Tanning Drops

90 minutes $180


Shimmerin' Skin Corrective Body Treatment

EXPERIENCE : A smoother you is SO in! Tired skin is greeted to a sultry, vitamin E-rich hot towel wrap. Next, we buff the rough away with a sugar-rich polish that turns into a milky lather as it works its skin-softening magic. Arms, legs and shoulders then drink up a glycolic acid serum to smooth out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. End with a feathery-soft body mousse, blended with age-defending peptides that love to plump and add pep back into bouncy skin’s step!( Price includes gratuity)

BEST ENJOYED: In a sunshine state of mind THE MOOD: No time for rough!

THE MOOD: No time for rough!

90 minutes $210

60 minutes $140

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Shimmerin' Skin Facial Massage Treatment

EXPERIENCE: A pillowy-soft cleanser rinses pore-clogging oils away for a brightening tonic, chockful of vitamin C and 11 superfruit extracts! Thousands of tiny plant-based fiber particles then whisk away dry, tired skin — revealing your softest skin yet. A brightening mask infused with chamomile extract then brightens and tightens! We begin to unwind with a skin-transforming serum created to wrinkle-out the appearance of pesky fine lines. A whipped face balm — infused with plantbased bakuchiol — is then applied for extra ageless oomph! The grand finale is a vitamin C-rich eye cream created to boost skin’s vibrance while also diminishing the appearance of fine lines! All of our facial massage treatments include therapeutic massage.

BEST ENJOYED: Looking for some sunshine (and vitamin C)

THE MOOD: Very vibrant skin — oh my!

  • 45 minutes $90
  • 60 minutes $110
  • 90 minutes $150

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Lime So Gleaming Foot Treatment

EXPER I ENCE : Dip into a creamy, nectar milk soak, made to nourish and comfort even the most sensitive of skin types! Next, a delicious sugar-whipped body polish transforms skin to feathery-soft status, followed by a whipped, honey glaze. Finish with the spirit of springtime in the form of a glistening body oil — scented with soft notes of fresh clementine oranges!

BEST ENJOYED: Looking for luminosity! THE MOOD: Glow for it!


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