Sept. 1, 2022

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Massage Therapy Experience

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Receiving massage therapy is one of the best things you can do for the well-being of your mind, body, and soul, but experiencing the full effects of your massage goes beyond just scheduling an appointment and showing up.

These tips will help you get the most out of your massage experience and reap the benefits of total-body wellness.

Maintain communication with your massage therapist.

When you come in for your massage session, it’s essential to let your therapist know about the current condition of your body. Are you feeling extra sore in a specific area after a particularly intense workout? Do you feel extra tension in a particular spot? Do you have an injury we should know about? Letting your therapist know how you feel when you come into our studio will allow us to tailor your massage to your body’s current needs.

Just as important is letting your massage therapist know how you’re feeling during your massage. Does pressure in a certain spot feel good or help release tension? Does the amount of pressure we’re applying hurt? Is the room too cold or too hot? Let us know! Our goal with a massage is to help you feel better, so if something we’re doing goes beyond your comfort level, please tell us so we can correct it.

Arrive early to your session.

There are two reasons for this. First, arriving early is a courtesy to your massage therapist. Often, we have many appointments booked back-to-back, and being late to your appointment or walking in at the exact time we’re scheduled to start - remember, you need a few minutes to undress and get situated - will throw off your therapist’s schedule for the rest of the day.

Second, running late to your appointment will cause additional, unnecessary stress. If you’re frantically rushing to make it to your appointment, it will take longer to relax once the massage starts. Arriving a few minutes early will give you time to decompress and acclimate yourself to the soothing environment of the massage studio, which will kickstart your relaxation.

Hydrate before and after.

Hydration is an essential component of massage therapy. Drinking plenty of water before your massage session will hydrate your muscles, making them more pliable and easier for your therapist to work with. Dehydrated muscles will require more pressure from your therapist, which could be uncomfortable for you.

During your massage, your muscles release metabolic waste, so drinking plenty of water afterward will help your body flush out those toxins. Staying hydrated before and after your massage will not only make your session more enjoyable during but will also help you to feel less sore afterward.

Don’t feel self-conscious.

Your massage therapist works with bodies of all shapes and sizes day in and day out, so there is no need to feel embarrassed or self-conscious about your own body with us. While you’re on our table, we focus on your body and making it feel good. We’ll never compare you to our other clients or judge you for anything. Whether you’re thick or thin, hairless or fuzzy, or have one skin tone or many, we’ll treat you with dignity, care, and respect. Remember, your body is a good body that does amazing things for you daily and, as such, deserves to feel amazing through massage.

Please also remember that, while you don’t need to be self-conscious around us, our focus is always on your comfort, so feel free to undress as little or as much as feels right to you. If you feel more comfortable staying partially clothed for your massage, that is completely fine.

Feel free to fall asleep.

During your massage session, we aim to make you as relaxed and calm as possible. If you’re so relaxed that you fall asleep, it’s a sign we’re doing our job right! Falling asleep during your massage has added benefits.

We promise your massage therapist won’t get annoyed or judge you if you fall asleep mid-massage; if anything, it compliments our ability to calm your mind and body and your comfort with us.

Follow your therapist’s advice after your session.

Your therapist will give tips on what to do after your massage session to help you continue your journey to total-body wellness. The recommendations might include:

  • Post-massage hydration.
  • Some at-home stretches or exercises.
  • Meditative work.
  • Other forms of self-care.

Remember, massage provides healing benefits for your mind, body, and spirit, and what you do at home can further that healing.


The most important thing you can do during a massage session is to relax. Clear your mind and leave the outside world at the door; don’t think about work, what’s going on at home, or your to-do list. While you’re here, your only job is to relax. Calm your body, as well; steady your breathing and don’t tense or tighten your muscles; that will only counter the effects we’re trying to achieve.

We intentionally create a calm and soothing environment in our studio, melt into that calm, and allow your session to soothe your soul.

Experience relaxation at Mindful Touch Massage.

Massage therapy can provide healing benefits for your mind, body, and spirit. At Mindful Touch, we can help you to get the most out of your massage experience so that you can continue to feel the benefits of your massage even after your time on our table. Book an appointment with us to start your wellness journey.

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